Welcome to Four Fields Farm

Become a Member for 2010

Four Fields Farm is excited to introduce a new CSA program for the 2010 season.  We invite you to invest in a Community Supported Market (CSM) share. The norm for a CSA is to pickup a weekly pre-organized box of produce, but with your Four Fields Farm CSM share you will be able to use your pre-season payment at our West End Farmers Market stand much like a tab. Pre-pay this winter and you can shop cash free at our farmers market stand from June through October (you can ‘spend’ your share at any market FFF will attend).

As a CSM member you will:

  •  receive a 5% discount at the stand,
  •  receive monthly emaisl updating you of your credit amount, farm news, and recipes for the months projected harvest,
  • control your produce purchases by buying only what you like in the quantity that you need,
  •  all while supplementing your weekly needs with the other wonderful products at the twice weekly West End Farmers’ Market.
This Community Supported Market model will provide us with much needed capital to continue to farm delicious and healthful organic vegetables. We cannot continue to farm without your support!

·         Pre-payment of $100 will buy $105 of credit.
·         Pre-payment of $200 will buy $210 of credit.
·         Pre-payment of $300 will buy $315 of credit

There is a limited number of shares. Call or email with the amount of credit you would like to purchase and we will ask for your payment after January 1st.

This is a new system for us and your feedback will help improve our offerings and deliver a great harvest! Please let us know:

·         What you liked - 

·         What you didn’t care for -

·         What you would like to see more of -

·         And what you would like to see that we didn’t grow last season (but please don’t say tomato, we do plan on
      a better tomato season next year) -

We welcome your questions and comments! We have enjoyed working hard to bring you the freshest, organically grown local produce!